Maybelline Baby Lips Review Including Swatches and Pictures


I own a lot of Maybelline Baby Lips, and I have picked out my all-time favorite Baby Lips colors. First I would just like to say that these are the best lip products I have ever used!

They are very pigmented and the colors are absolutely amazing. They are very moisturizing and have SPF 15 coverage so they are perfect for the summer.

I don’t think my lips have ever felt this soft. When I purchased my first one, my lips were dry, cracked, and needed some serious help. After using these for about three days last year, my lips automatically began to stop cracking and peeling and they became very smooth and soft. Keep reading to see my favorite Baby lips.

My Maybelline Baby Lips Favorites

Maybelline Baby Lips

1. Electro Baby Lips in the shade “Pink Shock”

IMG_1056[1] Baby-Lips-Electro-Pink-Shock-Tube

This color is my favorite shade in the Electro collection. It is a very bright pink and applies as a glossy pink color. It is very bright and pigmented and lasts a fairly long time.

2. Electro Baby Lips in the shade “Oh! Orange!”

IMG_1057[1] BabyLipsElectroOhOrangeTube

This color is a very pretty, sheer orange color. It may look like a very dark, matte orange, but it applies very glossy and shinny. The orange is not dramatic at all and is actually one of my favorite Baby Lips of all time. I was hesitant to try it, but I’m very glad I did.

3. Baby Lips in the shade “Peppermint”


This Maybelline Baby Lips product does not have any color at all really, but is used mostly for a natural, nude look. When applied it does not give off any pigmentation or anything, however it does give a glossy appeal to the lips.

4. Baby Lips in the shade “Cherry Me”

IMG_1059[1] baby-lips_pack-shot-crop_Cherry_Me

This Baby Lips is very pigmented and is a very pretty red color. I love the packaging of this and I really like the orange and red/pink words.

5. Baby Lips in the shade “Pink Punch”


This color is awesome. It is such a pretty pink and it appears glossy like the other ones, but this one is very pretty and perfect for girls just starting to wear makeup. I mentioned in a previous article on how beginners should wear a light pink lip color. Well this is a perfect choice.

6. Maybelline Baby Lips in the shade “Quenched”

IMG_1061[1] baby-lips_pack-shot-crop_Quenched

This Baby Lips is THE original baby lips. I apply this every night before I go to sleep and as often as I can because this is the most moisturizing and hydrating one I have ever used. It is amazing and it applies clear and gives your lips a perfect fresh feeling to your lips.

Overall I think that Maybelline Baby Lips are great products. They are available in several different colors and also have limited edition shades occasionally. Thanks for reading!