10 First Date Do’s and Don’ts

10 First Date Do’s and Don’ts

10 First Date Do’s and Don’ts

The first date with a guy is going to be an important part in your relationship, whether you date for three years or three decades. Here are 10 first date do’s and don’ts that I have come up with to keep you safe in the dating game and how to keep a good first impression.

10 First Date Do’s and Don’ts

1. DON’T wear a lot of makeup. Caking makeup all over your face is not going to look good at all when the super hot guy asks you out. Guys do not like girls who have foundation melting off their face so be sure that you go the natural route.

2. DO ask where you are going. You do not want to show up in a fancy outfit when all you’re going to do is go ride go karts and eat pizza. Do not be afraid to ask where you are going. Most guys will appreciate that you’re taking an interest in what he has planned for you.

3. DON’T complain. There’s nothing a guy hates more than a girl who whines the entire time they are on the date. Try to be positive and if something goes wrong find humor in it.

4. DO use your manners. Say please and thank you, and chew with your mouth closed when eating food.

5. DON’T change his plans. If he asked you out, he obviously has an idea of where he’d like to go. If he leaves it up to you, tell him you’re just glad to be with him and that you’re up for anything from pizza and skating to dinner and a movie.

6. DO be on time. If he is picking you up, do not make him wait and stand in the living room with your dad for thirty minutes. Be ready when he gets there so you can introduce him to your family. He will already be nervous, so do not make him even more nervous.

7. DON’T be disappointed if he does not ask you out for a second time asap. Most guys will need time to reflect on the day or evening before the jump into asking you for another date.

8. DO call him and tell him you really had an amazing time with him. It’ll boost his self confidence and get you ready for another date.

9. DON’T forget gum and breath mints. You never know, you could get your first date and first kiss with him all in one night if you’re lucky.

10. DO these same steps for a second date and any more with him after that! Good luck girls!