14 Makeup Hacks You Have to Know

14 Makeup Hacks You Have to Know

I have loved reading and discovering so many cool and useful hacks that are relevant to my hair, makeup, and overall lifestyle. I am going to be sharing 14 makeup hacks you have to know. These are all going to make your life so much easier, and are going to make putting on your makeup in the morning go by so much faster.

1. Set your lipstick using a tissue and translucent powder. 

After applying your lipstick, cover your mouth with a tissue. Dust a translucent powder over your lips and enjoy a long lasting lipstick color for the rest of the day.

14 Makeup Hacks You Have to Know

2. Use a spoon to shield your eye lid from any mascara mishaps. 

You can place a plastic spoon on your eye lid to help get rid of any unwanted mascara. Just hold it on your eye lid while you are applying your mascara, and it will block any extra mascara that can get on your eye lid.

3. Turn any pencil eye liner into a gel liner with a lighter or flame. 

Hold any eye liner over a flame for two seconds. Let it cool for 15 seconds so you do not burn yourself, and you have your own DIY gel eye liner in pencil form.

4. Sweep your mascara towards your nose. 

Do not sweep your mascara wand out when applying it. If you sweep it towards your nose you will get longer, fuller appearing lashes.

5. Get more product out of your liquid tubes. 

Instead of throwing away a tube of makeup that you think is empty, try cutting it in half with scissors, and I can guarantee that you will have extra product left to use.

6. Make your eye shadow look brighter with a white base. 

Using any sort of white base product is going to intensify the color and brightness of your eye shadow. I really like using NYX’s Jumbo Eye Shadow pencil in “Milk” for this hack. It’s a great cream base and it does not crease.

7. You can reuse mascara brushes.

Have you ever really like a brush to a mascara, but you were not too fond of the actual mascara? Just rinse all of the excess mascara off of it, and use it with other mascaras that the wand fits inside of. You can create your perfect mascara with this hack.

8. Use a triangle shape when concealing your under eye circles. 

If you apply the concealer in a circle form, it’s not doing anything for you but brightening your lower lash line. To get a more brighter effect, apply it in a long triangle all the way down to the tops of your cheeks. Trust me, if you only use one hack from this post make it this one.

9. Use a credit card to get a straight line.

When perfecting a cat eye, it can be easier if you have a straight object to guide your line too. I like to use a credit card. I just hold it against my eye and gently sweep the eye shadow up, guiding towards the straight line.

10. Mix peppermint oil into your lip gloss or stain. 

Mixing peppermint oil into your lip gloss can give your lips a more plumped and fuller look, without overdoing it. Cinnamon oil also works well!

11. Mix contact solution into your mascara before you have to throw it away. 

Using a few drops of contact solution can really keep your mascara from going bad.

12. Use baby powder on your eye lashes.

Applying baby powder on your eye lashes with a cotton swab will give you fuller, longer, and thicker eye lashes all day long.

13. Use baby oil to remove your eye makeup.

Use baby oil on a cotton pad to remove your makeup. It’s totally safe, won’t burn your eyes, and will erase it off in seconds.

14. Use toilet seat covers to blot excess oil off your face. 

Yes, this sounds terrible. But if you are in a bathroom and notice your face is just extremely oily and you do not have a setting powder or blotting sheets, use a toilet seat cover. Blotting sheets and toilet seat covers are made with the same materials, and it will get the job done. Don’t worry, if it’s in a box above the toilet it is totally safe and clean to use.