17 Things To Get You Excited About Fall


If you are anything like me, fall is the season you look forward to all year long. There is just something about fall that has me dying for it every year. So in this post, I am going to be sharing 17 things to get you excited about Fall. If you have any topics mentioned in this article that you would like a post on, be sure to leave a comment down below!

1. Football Season

Football season is the highlight of Fall for me. I love everything about it, from high school to college to pro. Football season is what I live for in the fall. Whether you are actually going to a game, or just simply watching it on your TV, football games are the main highlight of this season.

2. UGG/Boots Season

My favorite pair of shoes I own (and I have a lot) would have to be my UGG boots, and my favorite time to wear them is late fall. UGG’s and sweaters are the perfect everyday fall outfit, and they’re so easy to just slip on. Plus, they keep your feet so warm (I swear, it’s like walking around with heated shoes all day).

3. Colder Weather

Where I live, it does not actually get cool until mid October/late November, but it’s still something I look forward to every single year. I am generally a warm natured person, and I love the colder weather.

4. Photography Scenes

I break out the camera and photography in the fall. I love taking pictures of gorgeous scenery, and I feel like fall is the perfect time to do that.

5. Fall Drinks

I drank so many Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the fall, it’s insane. But if you do not have the $5 to spend every day at Starbucks, try pumpkin tea/pumpkin k cups. You can spice it up with pumpkin pie spice. I also enjoy making my signature pumpkin hot chocolate, so let me know if you want a recipe post on that.

6. Beanies

Beanies were a gift from God. Being able to just throw on a beanie when you are having a bad hair day is truly a blessing. I know American Eagle has a lot, and so does PacSun.


I am obsessed with pumpkin everything. If I see pumpkin on a label in the store, it’s in my shopping cart within 2.5 seconds. Pumpkin’s overall scent, taste, everything about it is what I look forward to most.

8. Fall Candles

Bath and Body Works and Yankee have the best fall scents in my opinion, and I know that the day they release them at Bath and Body Works, my car is going to be smelling like pumpkin pie for the rest of the season.

9. Fall Soaps

I tend to go a little overboard with the fall soaps at Bath and Body Works… (I still have some from three years ago). But honestly, I use them all year round, and you cannot just get them anytime of the year, so it’s better to stock up right?

10. Bonfires

What’s better than sitting in the backyard around a campfire with all of your best friends and dranking hot chocolate? Try building a bonfire or fire pit in your backyard and set up some chairs around the area (I plan on doing this when the weather cools down a little bit) and just enjoy talking to your friends.

11. Halloween

Halloween is my favorite Fall holiday. I love dressing up and going to Halloween parties, and cannot wait to do some Halloween themed makeup for you guys this Fall!

12. Halloween Movies

“Hocus Pocus” and the “Halloweentown” movies will forever be my favorite Halloween movies, along with “Twitches”, and “My Babysitters A Vampire”. I love watching Halloween movies the entire month of October.

13. Fall Candy

October is the only month you can binge out on candy, and not get judged for it. I love Candy Corn, and Reese’s. I like anything chocolate really, but those are just my favorites.

14. The Fair

Our state fair is in October, and this year I am going with some of my best friends from DECA, a marketing business club I’m in. It’s the best week of the whole season, and I am really looking forward to it.

15. Haunted Houses

Every year for the past five years, my best friends and I have gone to this Haunted Barn. It’s been our tradition for so long, and we love doing it, so look for a local haunted house or trail in your area and get a group of friends to go with you.

16. Picnics

Like the bonfire, a picnic on a fall Saturday is a great way to bond with some of your best friends. Just take some great food and spread out a blanket in a park and you’re all good to go.

17. Chill Night

Fall nights are some of the most relaxing nights of the year for me. I love just sitting by the fire snuggled up in a blanket and reading a good book. Make sure to relax and make time for yourself this season and have relaxing nights.

I hope you enjoyed these 17 things to get you excited about Fall, and be sure to comment some of your favorite things about Fall below.

17 Things To Get You Excited About Fall