5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

Alright, you’ve eaten ice cream for a day, cried while listening to sad music, and just found my post. You’re obviously looking for a way to get over your ex without gaining five pounds. Lucky for you, I have 5 ways to get over your ex that are simple and easy. Good luck getting over the heartbreak girls.

5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex


5 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

1. Go out with your friends. 

Plan a girls night that is going to help you forget all about the backstabbing, cheating, jerk who broke your heart. Have a great time with your friends and act like nothing is going to bring you down.

2. Ex-proof your phone. 

Delete all the pictures and memories. They will only hurt your worse in the long run. Delete his number, the messages, and anything that could ever trigger you wanting him back.

3. Beware of the “let’s be friends” phase. 

Usually when a guy dumps a girl, he throws in that they can still be friends. But sometimes, being friends is just too hard. Especially when you two are around each other all the time and laughing and having the little moments you used to have together. Don’t let him talk you into being friends after he crushes your heart.

4. Do not post sappy things. 

Your ex will find satisfaction when he sees all the sad posts you post relating to him, so do not give him the satisfaction of knowing he hurt you.

5. Forget him

Forget all about him and move on. Do not try to make him jealous, but move on when the time is right. You’ll know when the time is right.