Benefit Cosmetics Review

Benefit Cosmetics Review

Benefit Cosmetics has been my favorite makeup brand for a few years now, and instead of doing reviews on individual products, I decided to just combine all my thoughts into one company review post. Keep reading for my Benefit Cosmetics review, and be sure to check out their website and social media accounts (linked down below)

Benefit Cosmetics Review

The first product I ever bought from Benefit was a miniature “They’re Real” mascara. This was a few years back, and I remember being in complete love with the length of my eye lashes after using it. Soon after came the addiction to the boxed powders, face powders, cheek/lip tints, and mascaras.

Let me start off by saying that Benefit Cosmetics is my dream job. I would do absolutely anything to be a part of their marketing team, because they come up with the most amazing promotional campaigns for their products. The packaging of every single cosmetic is to die for, and I want every product just because of how adorable it is. Every products smells amazing too (not like the old lady cosmetics smell), and my mom even wants the “Rockateur” blush because of how great it smells.

Benefit Cosmetics does not test on animals, and all of their products are made with healthy/non-dangerous ingredients. I have not had a single problem with their employees, products, or counters. Their entire company is just amazing, and I would strongly recommend you to try out some (if not, all) all of their products.

I will list my favorites down below, as well as their website and social media accounts so you can see how adorable the packaging and promotional campaigns really are! Thanks for reading you guys and be sure to comment down below what your favorite Benefit product is, or one you would like to try!

My Favorite Benefit Products:

POREfessional face primer and pore appearance minimizer

“They’re Real” mascara

Roller Lash mascara

Rockateur Blush

Sun Beam

Benefit’s Social Media/Links 

Benefit’s Official Website

Benefit’s Facebook Page

Benefit’s Instagram @benefitcosmetics

Benefit’s Twitter @benefitbeauty