Fashion: 80′s Outfits and Costume Ideas

Are you planning on going to a 80′s party or a costume party and need some outfit ideas? If you are, I have many ideas to help you out! Keep reading to find out how to create perfect 80′s looks for any occasion.

First Outfit: Casual Outfit:

If you are going for a more causal effect, I would try wearing a tube top with denim shorts and colorful tights underneath and converse sneakers. I would also wear your hair in a crimped ponytail and wear fishnet gloves and very bright earrings and bracelets.

Second Outfit: Dressy Party Queen:

If you want to dress up, I suggest wearing a vintage 80′s dress in a bold color with heels. You might want to look for a dress online or at a thrift store. Many things that you can wear in your outfit can be found at a thrift store for lower prices.

Third Outfit: 80′s Nerd Girl:

If you’ve watched Katy Perry’s music video for Last Friday Night, you will know about the “Kathy Beth Perry” look. This look includes a overalls, bold colors, nerd glasses, and high top converse. Watch the video for more inspiration!

I hope I have given you some ideas on what to wear to a event involving the 80′s. Thanks for reading!