Homecoming Makeup Tips

Homecoming Makeup Tips

Homecoming season is near, and instead of doing a full blown tutorial, I decided to just do a written article and tell you homecoming makeup tips. All of these products I used for my first homecoming dance, and they lasted all night long. Keep reading to find out how to have the best makeup out of all of your friends, and be sure to share some of your homecoming makeup tips down in the comments section!

1. Right Shade for You! 

Finding a good foundation that is your shade is crucial to any special event. If you will be taking pictures on Homecoming night, be sure that your foundation does NOT have any SPF in it. SPF creates a white ghost-like flash back in pictures and can make you seem drained of color.

2. Prime Time! 

If you want a long lasting full face of makeup, you need a face primer, eye shadow primer, mascara primer, lipstick primer, and a pore reducing balm. Ensuring that your skin is completely primed will prevent you from having to keep touching up your makeup all night long.

3. Set the Sweat! 

Making sure that you set every cream/liquid product you use is going to help your makeup last a lot longer. Set liquid eye liner by going back with a thin pencil brush and a matte black eye shadow, and set all face products with a setting powder. A setting spray is optional. I tend to find them making my skin look oily and greasy in the summer/early fall, but if you have dry skin it might be nice to hydrate your skin after putting on the makeup. Also be sure to set your lipstick.

4. Blot Away! 

Blot all the oil that collects onto your face during the night with an oil blotting sheet (Clean and Clear ones are my fav). They work amazingly and will really help keep your face shine-free throughout the night.