How to Get Cara Delevingne’s Makeup Look

How to Get Cara Delevingne’s Makeup Look

This is a collaboration post with my blogger friend Izzy. She was the first friend I made when I started up my blog again, and she has introduced me to such an amazing community of girls. For our collab post, we wanted to focus it on Cara Delevingne. I have loved Cara’s makeup for such a long time, so I am going to be showing you my favorite looks she’s worn, and how to get them. Be sure to check out my friend Izzy on YouTube and on her blogs, I will be sure to link them at the bottom of this post!

1. Have well groomed eye brows. In every single picture I see of her, her eye brows are always shaped and filled in. She seems to leave them more sparse at the front and darken them up towards the end of the tails.

2. Smoke out the lower lash line. Cara always has a very smoked out/smudged look on her lower lash line. Instead of focusing heavily on the waterline, she smokes out her lower lash line with eye shadow. Use a lighter matte brown from the center to your inner lid, and then use a dark shimmery brown on the outer lower lash line.

3. Pull out the purple eye liner. Cara has been seen wearing purple eye liner a lot, and I personally thinks it looks gorgeous on her eyes. She usually wears it on her eye liner, and smokes it out with a black/gray toned eye shadow.

4. Go light with the contouring. In a lot of the pictures I have looked at, it seems like she has a very soft contour, and focuses more on blush and highlight.

5. Wear orange and coral lip colors. I think Cara started my orange lipstick obsession, but she seriously makes it look so amazing. In one picture, she was wearing the orange lipstick with teal eye liner on her waterline, and the contrast of the two colors is gorgeous.

6. Exaggerate the size of your lips with a lip pencil. Do not be afraid to exaggerate the size of your lips like Cara does to get a more fuller effect. Just simply trace an outline around your lips and fill it in. She does this a lot, since she has fairly thin lips.

Here are a few of the pictures that gave me inspiration for this post.

How to Get Cara Delevingne’s Makeup Look

I hope these tips gave you some ideas on how to get Cara Delevingne’s makeup look. Be sure to go look at Izzy’s blog and YouTube channel. I had such an amazing time planning this with her, and am so glad I got to work with such a nice person!

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