How to Make A Mix CD

I am quite obsessed with music, and I love to buy it and share it with my friends and family. I have recently began making some mix cds for my friends, and have been so excited about the positive feedback I have gotten on them. I listen to all genres of music (rap, country, pop, alternative, rock, metal, etc), so I love connecting with other people and getting them to explore new genres. I am going to be sharing some tips and steps on how to make a mix CD, and my best ideas for making them a great gift/surprise for your friends/family.

Step 1: Make a playlist for that person. 

This is always the first step I complete when making a mix CD for someone. I will usually ask them their favorite artists and their least favorite artists so I can create the perfect group of songs that I think they will like. You can choose songs that remind you of that person, or songs that you think that person will like. It just all depends on who it is for and the reason you are gifting it.

Step 2: Burn the playlist to a CD. 

To do this, just insert a blank/cleared CD into your computer monitor, and click “burn playlist to disk” on iTunes or whatever music software you use. Be sure that all the songs have been written and burned onto the CD before you eject it from the monitor.

Step 3: Test the mix CD. 

I like to put the CD in my CD player or in my car just to make sure that the cds actually burned and that they are all not skipping. You don’t have to sit through all of the songs, just quickly skip through them all to check!

Step 4: Decorate the CD. 

You can put the CD in a CD jeweled case, or a CD sleeve to keep it from getting scratched easily. I also will decorate the CD with a permanent marker and personalize it for that person. You can write the tracks on the CD or the case if you want to.

Step 5: Give your friend/family member the CD. 

I really think that mix CD’s area really cute gift, and I know I would love it if someone made me one. :)