How to Make My Makeup Sweat-Proof

How to Make My Makeup Sweat-Proof

A common question I have asked myself in previous summers is how to make my makeup sweat-proof. We can all find ways to make our makeup waterproof, but what about sweat-proof? To make sure that all the tips work, I used them all today and when I went out tonight. My makeup stayed on all day long just by using these tips and ideas I have come with so keep reading to find out how to make your makeup sweat-proof.

1. Use a lightweight foundation. 

During the summer, I become more of a concealer girl. I am much more comfortable with just applying concealer and powder on a few blemishes instead of a foundation all over my face. However, I know some people (even me at times) cannot use just concealer. So my first tip is to use either a lightweight foundation, or a BB cream. Find one with SPF so that your skin does not get burnt while you are outside, but also be sure that it’s thin enough and that it is not going to literally run or melt off your face.

2. Use setting spray.

I like to use setting spray in stages, which means I will reply it before, during, and after applying my face makeup. It’s going to help it last a lot longer, and prevent it from running.

3. Use a primer. 

I don’t think I have ever applied makeup to myself or someone else without using primers. In the summer, the sweat makes your eye shadow about 90% more likely to crease WITH a primer. I do not know how your eye shadow can last thirty minutes without a primer. Be sure to use face primers, in addition to the setting spray, and use eye shadow primers to prevent creasing.

4. Set all liquid or cream products with a powder product. 

I did winged eye liner tonight with a liquid eye pen, and to test this step out for you guys, I set it with “Crave” from my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. This the first time I have done this, and it’s probably the longest my eye liner has ever lasted. I just dusted an angled eye brush in the matte black eye shadow and gently pressed it onto the wings, careful not to smudge the dried liquid pen underneath it, and I am so impressed with these results. Try this, because touching up wings is a pain and nobody wants to walk around with smudged wings. This same technique works for setting foundation with a matte powder, setting a cream eye shadow with a powder, and even lipstick. This tip goes for your eye brows too, runny eye brows are not cute.

5. Use waterproof mascara. 

Using a waterproof mascara is not only going to help prevent it from running, but it will also last a lot longer. In the summer, I only buy pretty much waterproof everything. I would only wear waterproof mascara, especially on my lower eye lashes, because that’s what starts to run first.

I hope some of these tips and ideas will help you. Just remember that in the summer, you do not have to wear as much everyday makeup. But when you want to go out and do heavy makeup, follow these steps to get a complete sweat-proof look!