My 2015-2016 School Year Bucket List

My 2015-2016 School Year Bucket List

I have been seeing a lot of bloggers putting their bucket lists, on their blog recently. So I thought I would try to come up with some things that I want to do for this year. There are honestly a lot of things that I feel like I want to do, but am so scared to do. I am typically a shy person, and I am not very popular. However, I plan to make this the best school year ever. I might be putting up a post next summer and seeing what all I did on this bucket list, but until then enjoy my 2015-2016 school year bucket list!

1. Join a new club (I am thinking book club, but I have not decided yet).

2. Go on a weekend picnic with my friends.

3. Make straight A’s the entire year in every class.

4. Take more pictures, and document my entire year.

5. Participate in every single spirit day.

6. Make a new tradition with my best friend.

7. Talk to more people.

8. Get a boyfriend.

9. Save up for something expensive, and buy it with my own money.

10. Go bowling with my friends and get pizza.

11. Camp in the backyard with my friends.

12. Volunteer at the library more.

13. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies.

14. Go to the state fair and ride the Ferris Wheel

15. Go to a concert

16. Try different Starbucks flavors.

17. Watch the stars at night.

18. Watch the sunrise.

19. Write letters to my best friends to read in the future.

20. Make more mix tapes.

21. Buy more records for my record player.

22. Get a ton of signatures in my yearbook.

23. Spend a day in the city with my best friend.

24. Go pick fruit with my friends.

25. Read the whole Vampire Academy Series.

26. Get blonde highlights in my hair.

27. Write a book.

28. Go to a music festival.

29. Go to a YouTube meetup.

30. Have an epic photo shoot with my friends.

31. Make it to ICDC for DECA.