My Planner Tips/Organization

My Planner Tips/Organization

I have recently jumped on the whole planner trend, and it has kept me so organized this summer. I purchased the Erin Condren Life Planner back in the spring, and it’s absolutely amazing. I love the monthly and weekly spreads it comes with, and will probably be putting up a review on it soon.

My Planner Tips/Organization
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I wanted to keep my Erin Condren as my life/blog planner and I have been on the hunt for a student agenda. I came across the Vera Bradley one online, and decided to order it. I like it because I find it smaller and more easier to carry back and forth to school than the Erin Condren was.

Here are my planner tips/organization to get you started into the wonderful world of planning. I got most of these ideas from other bloggers, but some are mine also.




1. Choose a planner you like. 

If you choose some random planner off the back to school display at Target, you may be disappointed later on. Be sure to find a planner that includes what you want in a planner. For me, I love weekly and monthly spreads. Make sure it’s a pattern/color you like also. You will use your planner a lot more if it is something you love.

2. Take time off the weekend to plan your week.

I like to take thirty minutes on Sunday afternoon to plan my week. This may include any tests you have the following week, soccer practices, band concerts, or even meal plans. I also like to plan what days I will work out. Planning your entire week is going to make sure your refer back to the planner daily to check what you have going on.

3. Decorate your planner to make it more fun to look at. 

Some people find decorating planners to be a little much, but it’s honestly one of the most calming times out of the week for me. I use washi tape to decorate around the border, which you can get for $2 at the least. I like using stickers from craft stores that revolve around that week, so for example, band camp would have music notes and sunglasses. I also use sticky notes for when I do not know if something is permanent yet, so if it’s not I can just pull it up off the page. Use different colored pens to decorate and try to keep it a theme for the week. You can do this for monthly and weekly spreads.

4. Personalize your planner. 

I know that if your order from Erin Condren, you can personalize your planner and put your name on it and it’s really cute and turns out great. But if you are not planning on ordering an Erin Condren planner, you can either get it monogrammed through a local boutique/a person you know, or make your own. You can even use letter stickers; they are cheap and a great way to spell out your name on the cover of your planner.

5. Make DIY paper clips and page markers. 

I have made a ton of these, and I find it gives my planner a really cute look and also keeps my place in it. I would love to do a post on this, so let me know if you want one! It’s simple and cheap, too!

I hope some of these tips helped you all out. Be sure to send me pictures of your planners and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!