Naked Smoky Palette Review

Naked Smoky Palette Review

Today I purchased the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, and let me tell you it was so worth the money and waiting. I just had to show it to you all! So I am writing a Naked Smoky palette review for all of my lovely readers. Be sure to let me know if you like this palette, and if you have any other questions leave them down below in the comments section!

At first, I did not want this palette. I thought that I would not use any of the colors, and that they were all just too dark. As I looked more into it before its’ release, I decided that I could really make some of the colors work for an everyday smokey eye.

The palette is retailed at $54, and I think it is worth it. I have every single Naked palette, including the small Basics palettes, and I do not regret any of them. However, I do think that this palette is necessarily a good starter palette for beginners, but I think that it’s better for people who are more advanced with their eye shadow.

Naked Smoky Palette Review
View of all 12 shades in natural lighting.

The palette comes with 12 eye shadows. I think they’re all great, and the consistency of all of these colors is great. Urban Decay really made a mistake in the last palette they launched (Naked 3) by adding “Dust” which had the worst fall out I have ever used in an eye shadow. None of these colors seem to have terrible fall out, and I like that it comes in a variety of matte and shimmer shades.

The packaging of this palette is the best packaging that Urban Decay has come up with yet. Unlike Naked 1, it is the shiny plastic cover. Unlike Naked 2 and Naked 3, it has a

magnetic clasp, instead of the metal tin. It’s very durable and I think it will last longer than the other palettes of mine have because of their poor packaging.

I will put some pictures of the swatches down below, and will also describe each color individually from left to right.

Naked Smoky Palette Review

1. “High”

High is a very light champagne color, that has iridescent pink shimmers in it. It reminds me a lot of “Sin” from the Naked 1 palette. I think it has a great pigmentation, like most of the colors from this palette. I feel like it would work best all over the lid as a base shade.

2. “Dirtysweet” 

Dirtysweet reminds me of a lot of some of the other gold shades, but I think this one has a more matte base instead of a glittery look. It’s almost a burnt orange, and I think it is really pretty. Again, I see this as more of a lid base shade.

3. “Radar” 

Radar is a light shimmery brown. I do not think I will be using this very much, because it is not matte, and I like using matte browns in my crease.

4. “Armor” 

I really really really like this shade. It’s unlike anything Urban Decay has really put in their palettes. It is just a really bold and shimmery silver.

5. “Slanted” 

Slanted has more shimmer in it than Armor, but I feel like they both have the metal/silver look to them both.

6. “Dagger” 

This shade is a really matte gunmetal color. It has a lot of cool gray tones, and I think it would be a great transition shade.

Naked Smoky Palette Review

7. “Black Market” 

The only Urban Decay black eye shadow that hasn’t disappointed me is “Crave” from the Naked Basics palette. However, I think this shade might replace it. It is my favorite black that Urban Decay has ever released. It is just gorgeous.

8. “Smolder” 

Smolder looks like it has a purple tone to it. I don’t plan to use this on my everyday look, but maybe if I do something with purple eye liner it will look good.

9. “Password” 

Password is just a really matte brown with a gray undertone. I think it will work great as a transition color.

10. “Whiskey” 

Whiskey remind me a lot of “Cork” from MAC. I feel like it will be a great crease color, because it is very sheer but you can build it up as you like.

11. “Combust” 

Combust is a pale brown/pink color. It has a lot of different undertones to it, but I think it is a great matte brow bone highlighter.

12. “Thirteen” 

I do not really get this name because it is shade 12… but anyways, I think it is a great white matte highlighter. They usually make their highlighters all really shimmery, and it is great to have an intense white, matte, color.

I think this palette is awesome, and you guys should really check it out. Let me know if you want a tutorial with this palette!

Naked Smoky Palette Review