Tumblr Inspired Fall Things to Do

Tumblr Inspired Fall Things to Do

Tumblr Inspired Fall Things to Do

Hey guys! Fall is approaching, and I have had many requests to do a Tumblr inspired post for Fall, and decided to share some really cute ideas of things you can do this fall! Most of these ideas are inspired by Tumblr pictures, so keep reading to find Tumblr inspired Fall things to do.

1. Go on a fall picnic with your friends. 

Lay out some blankets, grab some pumpkin spice food, and have a fall picnic with your friends. You can take cute pictures of each other, and this is the perfect fall activity to do with your friends. If you can, go to a spot with leaves and just spend a whole afternoon outside taking in the beauty of this season.

2. Go to a pumpkin patch/apple orchard. 

A great thing to do this fall is to go to a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard. There is something just so calming about this season, and the most important thing about fall is to enjoy the nature aspect of it.

3. Read a book by the fire. 

Reading is my favorite thing to do, and I love it so much. Trust me, there is nothing better than drinking tea and reading a book by the fire during Fall.

4. Try a new hot chocolate flavor. 

I have tried many hot chocolate flavors, from Nutella to legit putting canned pumpkin in it. Try adding something different to your hot chocolate to spice it up (it might be easier to cook it on the stove than a microwave).

5. Have a Netflix marathon with a friend. 

Get some blankets, popcorn, and a friend, and spend a day on Fall break watching your favorite TV shows or movies. My favorite thing to do with my friends is watch old Disney TV shows late at night with them, or Disney movies, whichever we are in the mood for.

6. Chill out at a coffee shop for a day. 

This is more of an alone thing to do, but take a notebook and book to a coffee shop and spend the day/night drinking coffee and reading/writing poetry.