TV Shows You Have To Watch!

TV Shows You Have To Watch!

TV Shows You Have To Watch!

I am sort of a movie/tv junkie, and as a dedicated Netflix user, I have decided to come up with my favorite TV shows that you have to watch. I’m going to divide all the shows up into categories so that you can find which one you will like the best. Be sure to comment your favorite TV shows that you have to watch down below!


One Tree Hill: This is my favorite show of all time. I watched all nine seasons, and they never get old to me. This show is based off two half brothers in high school who are basketball players, and the show expands all the way into their adulthood. Chad Micheal Murray (the cute guy from A Cinderella Story circa 2005) is the main character, and every character is just amazing.

Gossip Girl: This was the first show I actually watched on Netflix, and let me tell you, I miss it a lot. If you are really into dramatic teen soaps, you will love Gossip Girl. Like One Tree Hill, it focuses on teenagers and expands all the way into their adulthood. The whole lifestyle on Gossip Girl is just so fun to watch, and Blair Waldorf will always be the “queen bee”.

The Carrie Diaries: This show is the prequel to Sex and the City (which I have not watched yet), and I really loved it. I loved how it took place in NYC in the 80’s, because it was so fun watching all of Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits, and she is seriously my fashion icon.


Pretty Little Liars: I know you have all been hearing for the last 6 years about how great Pretty Little Liars is, but trust me, the show has evolved into so much more than it was when it first aired. I really loved the most recent season, and I think if you can get through the first couple, you will fall in love with the recent ones.


American Horror Story: I do not feel like writing different seasons of AHS, so I am just combining it all into one show. These seasons are so amazing. They just keep you on the edge of the recliner dying for the next episode. If you are a fan of murder, witches, and just overall creepy stuff you will really like this show.

Scream: Scream is a spin-off tv show about the popular movie “Scream”. It is kind of like a present day Scream, and so far I have really liked it. As of right now, I think you can watch all the episodes on a MTV app, and they have signed on for a season 2, so get watching.

I hope you liked this. Like I said these are the TV shows you have to watch. If you are just starting out, I would recommend just watching One Tree Hill, because it is great.